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Deactivate notifications when your screen is on


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Dingless is an application that lets you deactivate the notifications that sound on your Android device whenever the screen is turned on. Basically, whenever you're using your device, it won't beep. After all, if your device is turned on, you're probably looking at it, so you don't really need it to making noise to get your attention, right?

Although deactivating notifications when your screen is on is the primary purpose of Dingless, it's not the only feature. You can also set up your Android device so that when it's turned off, it'll only beep once when it receives several notifications from the same source. For example, if you have your smartphone on the table and you receive seven consecutive messages in less than 30 seconds from the same person, typically you'd hear seven different sounds. But with Dingless, you'll only hear it once.

In the settings, you can choose the amount of time that passes between one notification and another. By default, this is set at 30 seconds. You can also increase or decrease the volume of notifications.

Dingless is an application that offers two very interesting features, both presented on a simple and well-designed interface. The app takes up very little space and barely consumes any resources.
Manage your Android notification sounds with Dingless

There are two commonly annoying situations when your notifications get out of control. One is when your IM starts to ping incessantly while you're using the phone. You're already reading the blooming messages, dang it! The other equally annoying one is when your smartphone receives a chat notification and then starts ping, ping, pinging as someone types several mini-messages in a row on WhatsApp or any other app. Luckily, though, for problems like this there's a free app called Dingless Notification Sounds.
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For OS X 10.4 or later. To log in to the program, you have to enter the username 'root' and the password '123456'.


Requires Android 4.3 or higher


Trial version lasts 60 days.